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In today’s fast paced and stressful world 85% of American adults suffer from some sort of back pain. Seeking gentle, non-invasive ways to relieve their suffering people are turning to Yoga to help heal back injuries, relieve strain from sitting at computers and driving for long periods of time; for scoliosis, and even for post back surgeries.

There are no quick fixes, but that is exactly why Ananda Yoga’s slow, step by step progression is so effective. Individuals are often told by health practitioners to strengthen their abdominals to help relieve back pain. This can help, but with all the factors of why your back hurts taken into consideration something more is needed and this is where Yoga can be beneficial.

Yoga means to connect the mind, body and breath. Each yoga pose is structured to stretch and strengthen the entire body system; including but not limited to, muscles, bones, tissues, ligaments, and tendons. The lungs, liver, stomach, intestines and other organs are also muscles and Yoga provides an excellent stretch and massage for them as well. A regular practice of Yoga can increase flexibility and strength, improve your balance, help your digestive system to work more efficiently and reduce that nagging pain in your back.


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